Care Links Companions Personal Care Agency Introduces Itself

Based on the experiences of our clients and the notes we receive from their children, we have come to believe that our services are life changing. You see, when an elderly person is hospitalized, things change very quickly. Something happens when you change the environment of an elderly person. There is confusion, agitation, forgetfulness, memory loss, falls, sudden loss of the ability to take care of these daily needs (toileting, grooming, feeding, etc.) and there is the stress. You are stressing out because the hospital is saying that your loved one cannot go home unless you have assisted 24 hours care in place.

You can’t do it all by yourself. You have to work, take care of your children, there is that big project at church and then, you aren’t sure if your loved one can afford that kind of help. To make matters worse, you are worried that putting your loved one in another facility for rehab will only make for more confusion, new infections and a possible decline. If you have ever promised not to put him or her in a nursing home, you can have all that guilt to carry around while your siblings can’t imagine that you are about to spend mom and dad’s money just for care.

If this sounds familiar, take heart.


We hear this all the time and we can help. As a matter of fact, we can help you today. We can help you bring your loved one home, find funds to help reduce your out of pocket cost (for 24 hours assisted in home care), and assist your loved one back to good health to the extent possible. Then, we can help keep your loved one safe, happy and functional.

This is the power of Care Links Companions

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