Assisted Living
When your parents need 24 hour care, but refuse to go to assisted living or the nursing home, Care Links Companions is here to help.

For people who are tired of paying $20/hr for in-home care, those exhausted from caregiving and those whose parents are coming home from rehab and need 24 hour assistance, Care Links Companions is here to help.

  • Care will come to your parents instead of them moving and downsizing into a studio.
  • Costs range from $11.95-$13.95/hour for 24 hr care, more affordable than a private room in a nursing home.
  • Costs for NON 24hr care range from $13.50-$17.00/hour.
  • They choose their caregiver and payment plan.
  • Caregivers with advanced training in Parkinson’s, Dementia and Post Surgical Care.

Assisted Living At Home!